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TitleLocationCompany NameClosing Date
Resource TechnicianBarriere, BCSimpcw Resources LLP5/17/201904f59794-ad0a-49b5-a642-79aaafe9fc601
Terrestrial Ecologist (Intermediate)Vernon, BCAssociated Environmental5/15/2019d81a6a17-aef1-4967-b80a-9fa2dd73bc9e20
Terrestrial Biologist (Intermediate)Vancouver, BCAssociated Environmental5/15/2019d81a6a17-aef1-4967-b80a-9fa2dd73bc9e21
Director of Science and Stewardship, British ColumbiaInvermere, Vancouver or VictoriaNature Conservancy Canada5/15/2019d81a6a17-aef1-4967-b80a-9fa2dd73bc9e28
Intermediate BiologistPrince George, BCMcElhanney7/7/2019d81a6a17-aef1-4967-b80a-9fa2dd73bc9e29
Intermediate to Senior Level Fisheries / Aquatic BiologistLillooet, BCColdstream Ecology Ltd.5/30/2019d81a6a17-aef1-4967-b80a-9fa2dd73bc9e30
Junior to Intermediate Level Fisheries / Aquatic BiologistLillooet, BCColdstream Ecology Ltd.5/30/2019d81a6a17-aef1-4967-b80a-9fa2dd73bc9e31
Resource Coordinator for the Fisheries Joint Management CommitteeInuvikFisheries Joint Management Committee, Inuvialuit Settlement Region6/7/2019d81a6a17-aef1-4967-b80a-9fa2dd73bc9e32